Good for you - Good for the planet

Simply Drop is committed to recycling electronic waste to contribute to a cleaner, healthier plant.

We believe that the protection of the environment is compatible with sound business practice.

Recycling can make a huge difference to our environment, and if everyone does their bit, the world will be a cleaner, safer place!

With increased concern about climate change, it has never been more important to recycle, and protect our planets scarce resources.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Our mission is to help protect the environment, by making it easy for individuals and businesses to reduce e-waste through the recycling their unwanted electronic devices.

We have a genuine passion for recycling and we want to help people do the right thing for the environment.

Greenwire operates a 100% no EU landfill policy. Mobile phones that cannot be re-used are sent to approved WEEE regulated companies where they are recycled.

All mobile phones returned to Greenwire are checked against the register of stolen telephones (http://www.checkmend.com/).